Pierce PR is a Cape Town based boutique PR agency specialising in public relations and social media. Founded by Nigel Pierce as the result of the many years he spent working in media both on and off the air. It’s a formalisation of his deep-rooted interest in PR and communications. With over 25 years in the media industry, they know radio, public relations, publicity and communications.

We get to know your business, your customers and your goals, for the next fiscal and beyond.
This helps us stitch together brilliant content and compelling campaigns that speak directly to your audience by using layer.
We use layers of conventional PR and digital marketing communications to craft,
construct and convey content that is convincing, informative and influences potential consumers.
We use the power of communication to enhance businesses and build a better society.
We not only act as the nexus between client and consumer,
but also as a conduit to make a positive impact in that relationship.

Using both innovative and traditional forms of PR, we guarantee tailored solutions that will engage your audience,
adding gravitas to your brand. We ensure quantifiable results by creating captivating content.
We evoke emotional and exciting experiences that push the PR envelope.

Brand Positioning

A strong emphasis on the ecosystem and taking your brand to another level.

Crisis Communications

That’s our job because we know how to deal with radio, TV, print and social media.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At the heart of most businesses and we love getting involved from the incipient stages to the physical aspect.

PR & Corporate Communications

Never in a vacuum, always strategically placed with a commercial coating. We work with the client to make sure the right messages are associated with your brand.

Social Media

Vital in the communication cog, no major brand can do without it, consistency across all channels.

Influencer Marketing

We know who they are and we know the right people to take your brand or message up a notch or two.


We love hearing from you,
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Our clients

We’re here to help, as PR and communications specialists we've worked with private businesses, government and non-profit organisations for over 25 years.